Annually, jointly organized by World Success Economic Development Entrepreneurs Organization (SEDEO) and Asia Success Inc. Alliance, and co-organized by Asia Success Inc. Branding Magazine, are profoundly and honoured as the official organizer for Asia Success Award. Besides, hundred entrepreneurs were awarded and recognized since 2011 in the previous Asia Success Award.

Asia Success Award cultivates the spirit of branding among enterprises while SEDEO and Asia Success Inc. Alliance explore the outstanding entrepreneurs from various regions in Asia. It builds an idea exchange platform to promote alliance among entrepreneurs in order to combine strengths from each elite toward successful collaboration.

Asia Success Award upholds several successful elements, such as professional, authority, international, human-oriented culture an style, brand authentication, fairness, transparent, and objectivity, as main contribution factors.

Asia Success Award trophy which specially customized, with 3 golden statues upholding, literally the logo of Asia Success Award, depicting how authentic successful entrepreneurs work hand-in-hand, uplifting not just theirs but the global business development; creating an everlasting growth the world called business.

The organizing committee looks forward to bring recognition to those companies which have performed good business track records in their respective industries. To keeping in line with the change in global economy, Asia Success Inc. is also brought together with government bodies, NGOs, Institution of Higher Educations, and renowned Medias globally. This event will undoubtedly bring the participating businesses to the attention of the international markets, thereby propelling the brands into global stardom.


The main focal point of the award will be on brands from countries within the Asian Pacific Region. In particular the Award will highlight the development of a brand, how it progresses unto the international platform and finally using branding as a tool to penetrate into new markets. The Award will also served as a platform for influential establishments and persons of all fields and professions to come together in an environment where they can exchange ideas and work together to promote the mutual growth of the establishments.​

With an international panel of judges consisting of professionals from various professions and disciplines, only the brands which satisfy the stringent requirements in term of product quality and brand goodwill will be rewarded with the prestigious award which is becoming the proud winner of the Asia Success Award.

Asia Success Award is truly promoting business of all the SMEs and SMIs. All enterprise brands will be publicized and implemented with only the worldwide recognized award.