​World Success Economic Development Entrepreneurs Organiztion (SEDEO) was established in 2015, led by a group of outstanding entrepreneurs. It is a chamber of commerce with a mission to boost the world's economy development. Its members consist of Malaysians, Singaporeans, Chinese, Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese who are entrepreneurs, officers, academicians, and people from various sectors, including former winners of Asia Success Award being a part of its strong line-up.


Currently, the SEDEO has assembled many well-known international brands, with more than 200 distinguished entrepreneurs from across the nation and even overseas joining as members.

This organization aims to develop and enhance the collaboration of entrepreneurs all over the world, to bridge communications and foster a good relationship between them by establishing a wonderful platform for interaction, and to help create the value and advantages of regional economy. From there, promoting global economic development as well as driving global contribution of various enterprises to achieve social harmony and sustainable development ultimately.

Through various forums, symposiums, business trips, friendship oriented activities, and corporate visits to local chambers of commerce and corporations, we could achieve an even better understanding mutually, advancing communication through interactions and strategic alliance. The Organization takes the opportunity to further build a common platform of cooperation to continue its creation of more remarkable values for its members to achieve the incredible benefits of resource integration and sharing.

The Organization, together with Asia Success Inc. Alliance are in collaboration to organize one of the world's most respected ceremony known as the "Asia Success Award", to provide the golden chance for Asian enterprises to quickly and effectively seize business opportunities for rapid advancement, achieving the objective of business promotion, advocating their image and brand along the way.

On top of that, the Organization now announces our establishment of Beijing liaison office, with the officially grand launching on 11th of August 2016, marking greater ties between Malaysia and China in the history of both countries, in the same time laying down an important platform for cultural exchange and business cooperation.

The relationship between Malaysia and China has always been very strong. The setting up of our Beijing liaison office would prove to be a catalyst towards our mutual economic advancement and diplomatic ties, promoting business interaction, exploring business opportunities, as a channel for economic development and to foster gracious bonds between the two nations.

The organization is committed to and is focused on the well being of global economic development, together with many willing entrepreneurs we are striving to build a bridge to ensure prosperity and strategy and stability of the global community.

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Asia Success Inc. Alliance is a non-profit organization established in Hong Kong in 2011. Currently, there are more than 120 members from various circles including representatives of governments and associations, entrepreneurs, celebrities, Intellectual Property entrepreneurs and more.

Asia Success Inc. Alliance helps SMEs and SMIs to achieve developmental goals by organising study and investment, locally or abroad, exchange programs, dinners, as well as by collaborating with major exhibitors. It is committed to create a high-profile and international brand in the chase towards achieving internationalization.



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"Asia Success Inc." is one of the branding magazine gathered the excellent brand of Asia-Pacific region, and thus to create a momentum, resulting in benefits for individual enterprises to build a world-first brand magazine. To date, this Mandarin Commercial Branding Magazine has a profound influence in Malaysia.

"Asia Success Inc." extensively collects of Asia-Pacific region to the world financial and economic trends, management information and business dynamic. Through an

objective analysis and comment, to build business information platform of information sharing. The magazine not only reflects the actual situation of the corporate management and investment in the Asia-Pacific region, yet to bring in enterprises from Asia-Pacific region into Malaysia and enter other Asia countries or regions, it is a necessary reference in the global market.

Therefore, the "Asia Success Inc." branding magazine is the majority or enterprises to create products and services brands, enhance corporate reputation and influence, the best strategic partner to expand into new markets and opportunities. Though a brand new method and business philosophy, "Asia Success Inc." provides the most direct and objective and the most effective brand information, corporate dynamic and cooperation opportunities for government departments, entrepreneurs, managers, business association and the financial professionals.

"Asia Success Inc." unites and works as one together with outstanding corporate and strategic partners, it will surely usher in a new phase development.


To build corporate prestige image & superb branding charisma, to facilitate the success roadmap of entrepreneur.


Asia No. 1 Branding Magazine


Bimonthly, with each issue One hundred thousand copies circulation


Relevant government departments, officials of the Asia-Pacific region, business management and operation level, business group director, professional managers, financial professionals, the commercial associations and those being entrepreneurial and plan venture. Most of our readers are the final decision-maker with their professional market judgement and influence. They headed in the most economically vibrant regions and areas of the company's operations within the organization.