Branding is a necessary global strategy for enterprises to sustain and expand, wherein the creation of the corporate's own brand in the early stages of business ensures that their brand is instilled in the mindset of customers, therefore positioning themselves at an advantage and maximizing market shares as returns, in the midst of a competitive business world.

Thus, brand building is the unique inner strength of an enterprise which undergoes formulated positive culture, leading to continuous development and steady business growth.

The "Asia Success Award" upholds several successful elements, such as professionalism, authority, international standards, human-oriented culture and style, brand authentication, fairness, transparency, and objectivity, as main contributors towards business advance.

This is a prestigious and respected award that bestows powerful recognition to acknowledge the most outstanding enterprises.

Furthermore, the Award represents the cultivation of the spirit of branding amongst enterprises, and also the solid steps taken to stimulate the rapid growth of the enterprise to promote honesty in business, create impressive product of service images, and lastly, to meet the purpose of corporate branding.


  • Outstanding performance on individual and multiple aspects such as marketing strategies, prestigious products / services, R & D capabilities and sales results.

  • Directors and the Company should not have been involved in any business legal suits, or have had regulatory with the relevant authorities in the past three (3) years.

  • Able to provide documentary authentication (example: Company Registration documents which can be published on the internet).


  • All sections should be completed thoroughly as information provided will form the basis for judging. Please denote N/A where appropriate

  • All information provided in the nomination form will be treated with full confidentially.

  • The organiser cannot undertake to return documents or supplementary material submitted together with an entry.

  • Names of applicants, commentary and scoring information developed during the review of applicants are regarded as proprietary by the Organising Committee and are kept strictly confidential. Such information is available only to those individuals directly involved in the assessment and administrative process.

  • Withdrawal from the award on your own accord after submission is in breach of terms of nomination and the authentication fee will not be refunded.

  • Once the company is announced as a winner, it cannot be withdrawn from the nomination.

  • The decisions of the organiser are final and there will be anonymity of those not listed.

  • The organiser may revoke an award in the event that any of the above conditions for this nomination is breached.

  • The Organising Committee reserves the rights to amend any of the above mentioned rules and regulations as and whenever deemed necessary.